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Carbon Sequestration and Soil Health Workshop

October 17th, 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, Oregon
Sponsored by the Oregon Association of Conservation Districts

OACD will share the new OACD Carbon and Soil Health website and an accompanying guidebook for Districts to use in implementing programs and tools for providing technical services to their local communities. The workshop is part of a 3-day session, October 16th-18th, on conservation issues. Featured speakers from NRCS, OWEB and the Oregon Global Warming Commission will be part of a panel as well. Registration

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Resources will be added here that span the sections of this website. We invite contributions.

A companion guidebook to this website developed by the Oregon Conservation Partnership, with funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

This site provides a suite of resources related to current wildfires, post-fire management strategies at the national, regional, and state level. For information about air quality and smoke, visit their Northwest Wildland Fire Smoke Information page.

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