Soil Health & Carbon Strategies

Practices for Healthy Soils and a Sustainable Future for Oregon

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What We Do

The 45 Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Oregon local governments, and members of the Oregon Association of Conservation Districts, provide technical services to the constituents in their counties and provide leadership on agricultural and urban programs in cooperation with partner entities such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Oregon state agencies. Conservation Districts have been providing technical to provide program services for mitigation and adaptation due to water shortages, drought, wildfire and other climate impacts. This website will provide tools, programs and training to assist the districts in providing additional services to their constituents to implement in the field as well as identify project funding sources.

As part of the Oregon Conservation Partnership, OACD has developed a companion guidebook to this website, “Carbon Sequestration and Soil Health Guidebook.” 

“Scientists have estimated that soils—mostly, agricultural ones—could sequester over a billion additional tons of carbon each year.”

Frontiers in Climate, K. Paustan, et al.


“Integrating climate change into USDA’s planning and decision making is critical to ensuring that America’s producers, who are on the front lines of climate change, are positioned to be successful in the long term.”   Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Support for this website was provided by a grant from the  the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.